Why write blogs?

You’re a storybook waiting to unfold!

I wondered for the longest time, “Why do people write blogs?” What’s the purpose and additional benefits people gain from writing a blog post? More importantly: How will writing blogs help my business grow? A vast majority of like-minded people have a difficult time understanding the importance of writing blogs.

Writing blogs is a mixture of content creation and search engine optimization. In inbound marketing, it’s to educate audiences so they, too, can become successful bloggers. First, we need to learn a brief historical impact writing and literature have on the human brain. The following are a couple of essential aspects to begin understanding why humans write blogs.

Humans are born storytellers

The beginning of communication started thousands of years ago, with depictions of human lives written on sides of cave walls. These same paintings would later develop into a formal language. Each human experiences situations in life that are meant to be spoken and etched into the corners of history. The medium may change, but communication stays the same.

The image above depicts the famous 30,000-year-old Chauvet Cave paintings found in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, France.

Everyone is a writer, and they (and yes, even you) probably haven’t realized it yet. With the rise of instant messaging through applications and social media, people have begun to write consistently every day.

Although people write often, the majority do not consider themselves writers. Writing is a powerful tool that sometimes we take for granted. People now have access to communicate globally their freedom of speech, which is a privilege and blessing.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Creative Writing

It begins by taking out ideas from your mind and putting them on paper. Just release all the thoughts out! If you find that to be difficult, then make voice memos or use speech to text apps! ✍️📝

Words inspire lives, move nations, and blogs are just one of the many ways people can express creative writing. Blogs are a favorable exercise of art therapy for resilience and stress reduction. When we leave our thoughts written on paper, we can reflect upon our feelings. As time moves on, we’re able to compare our former and present self.

Writing takes a lot of effort and creativity to structure thoughts. If you write blogs, write to educate others, produce fantastic content. It is frustrating and intimidating, not knowing how to write blogs or what topics to discuss.

Take time to conceptualize your idea. One of the most challenging obstacles to write blogs is to sit down in front of a computer and start typing. You can go for a whole day or more without writing a single page.

When people began blogging, they documented personal accounts. It is common to share lives, travels, relationships, and opinions on a variety of topics. Even though people still do that to this day, blogging has changed into a much more valuable form of content for inbound marketers.

Content Creation

Social media is a worldwide phenomenon that has captured the minds of millions of online users; each one of these users has the potential to become a loyal customer for your business. Blogging is just one of many effective ways to reach your target audience by publishing and promoting original content related to your company and industry regularly.

Blog posts will help you attract potential clients to your website and also convert the visitors into leads. Blogs provide your customers with answers to questions they have. By generating new and unique blog posts, you’re creating online pages with the potential to rank high in search engine results.

If you don’t post at least once a day, it is a day wasted.

If you’re consistent, you’ll attract users and channels will link to your platform, resulting in more traffic to your business! By not posting, you’re allowing your competitors to teach your potential clients and converting them into leads. One of your objectives is to build a community to receive constant support and feedback. They will push your blog forward in the right direction.

Listening to your customer’s constructive criticism will allow you to understand their perspective and indicate how to communicate to your target market and personas necessities. If you produce unique and creative content every day, these users will then become your most significant source. Just like word-of-mouth advertising, your audience will share your content with their audiences.

What people desire is a trustworthy brand that maintains communication and also transmits to the user values and lifestyles that they can identify with; this is how you get a follower. By producing compelling content, no matter how small, it can create a significant impact making it a double-edged sword. Use your content to inspire the reader with your excellent marketing storytelling.

Writing brings people together! Share your stories with the world by creating engaging content that your audience will love and will want to share with others! 📝🖥

Writing blogs may be challenging at first, but it is an experience where you’re able to have the possibility of interacting with thousands, if not millions, of unique people. You’ll learn how to develop engaging content; discussions that will educate more about your industry.

You and everybody else have something to say or share with the world. If you write blogs, then you’re also painting on cave walls.

You’ve learned a few essentials reasons as to why people write blogs. Give yourself realizable milestones to accomplish. Start to write blogs, tweeting, read other blogs, and find new ways of creating quality content by trial and error. Do you have something interesting to comment on? Write it below in the comments section to let us know what you think!

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