Walk Blog Update: May 2020

A recap of what’s going on in the world of Walk.

Welcome to another blog written by Walk. Today is May 31, 2020, and we are about to enter the month of June.

Another month has come and gone. Things have been great, and we’ve been busy continuing to improve Walkway.

We’ve now had the opportunity to also fix the website by updating banners and pages. 

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The world has continued to face new challenges during the past month. The following information is a quick summary of worldwide events in case you haven’t kept up to date.


The new epicenter for the COVID-19 pandemic is now Brazil while COVID-19 is still sweeping every nation New Zealand has found a way to beat the virus

George Floyd Murdered

In the town of Minnesota, a caucasian police officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with murder. 

Chauvin killed George Floyd by pressing his knee towards his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Recorded footage of Geoge pleading for air,” I can’t breathe,” has become the phrase for mass riots.

Police stations have been burnt to the ground, entire malls have been looted, and the police and SWAT teams have been recorded firing at pedestrians.

Across America, people are protesting police brutality and injustice. The local CNN news team has been detained and was recently let go.

Space X

SpaceX has successfully sent two astronauts into space. This is the first time that a privately owned company has invested in launching humans into orbit. 

The two astronauts are Robert ‘Bob’ Behnken and Douglas Hurley, former military air force pilots who are married to astronauts. The two have a close relationship and have been sent to the international space station for four months

They can be seen happily received at the ISS with their colleagues. 

The event has provided a distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, giving hope for science and human exploration. You can watch the entire live stream video here.

El Salvador

The population of El Salvador has been in quarantine for 80 days. President Nayib Bukele hasn’t made any advances on his agenda.

The Salvadoran community has continued to criticize his methods and question whether or not he has been the right candidate.

Tropical rainstorm Amanda has flooded the streets of El Salvador, causing houses to collapse. People are on top of the houses trying to avoid being swept away.


This ends the monthly blog of Walk. I hope that all of you are safe and continue to stay inside. Remember to wash your hands! 🧼

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