Uncharted 2 PS3 Review

  • Genre: Fighting
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

A groundbreaking blockbuster experience

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the best games you’ll ever play on the Playstation 3. It’s an adventurous and cinematic video game from the moment you start.

Uncharted 2 brings in new aspects that enhance gameplay & provide more depth to the series. The journey now leads us out of the jungle & into the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Drake’s adventure only becomes more perilous as things evolve.

Is this trip a journey you’d get on board for, or would it have been better just to stay home?


The plot centers around Marco Polo’s voyage to China. After 20 years under Emperor Kublai Khan, Marco left China with 14 ships & over 600 passengers. Once Marco Polo arrived in Persia, a year and a half later, he was only with one ship & 18 passengers.

The game begins with in media res where Drake is found on a destroyed train dangling above a snowy cliff. Nathan awakens inside the wreckage and finds himself bleeding. He passes out, revealing flashbacks on how he arrived there.

Nathan goes against a war criminal on the search for the entrance to Shambala to find the Tree of Life.

It’s the characters themselves that bring the series to life. Witty humor, fantastic voice acting & personality thrive through each protagonist. Small dialogue between each other or Nathans’s thoughts improves communication with the player.

Detail like that which helps build emotion towards the gamer. You create a bond with the characters and worry about them.

Uncharted 2

Every moment is an interactive film.


 Nathan is acrobatic; he’s a monkey man. Drake possesses the ability to climb on the majority of surfaces. You’ll guide him through an assortment of obstacles to get to the destination.

You will complete levels with characters as your partner. Partners help Nathan overcome obstacles before separating.

Sometimes you’ll encounter a puzzle. The player will be able to take out Nate’s Journal. The journal contains clues and answers through illustrations to solve the puzzles. The examples provide a background story revealing to details.

Each level starts with a cutscene. The objectives are straight forward, but environments also present some nonlinear gameplay.

The game also provides a hint system to help the lost. Areas will show small icons of the Triangle button to interact with the surroundings.Uncharted 2

Shooting and Combat System

 The shooting isn’t Uncharted 2’s most significant feature. Shooting is fun but isn’t refine controls. It is fun to shoot while hanging from ledges.

The cover system is still present & can now be used to flip over objects to use as protection. Stealth also you to sneak around and take down enemies without causing noise or attracting attention.

Melee combat has been improved, adding more ways to fight & tackle your enemies. In some parts, they don’t look too realistic. You’re also able to complete challenges, specific objectives & collecting relics.

Once done, you’ll receive money that you can spend them on the main menu to unlock additional content such as concept art, developer videos & character skins.


Uncharted 2 is by far one of the most attractive games on any console to date. Every object is detailed with textures and movements. The terrain is destructible during firefights or when covering.

Water is remarkable to enjoy. Once Nathan submerges into the water, his clothes being to soak and provides depth. Objects such as plants are vibrant with colors. Uncharted 2 delivers an experience in the jungles in Borneo to the Himalayas with detail.

The interface is simple, providing information without contaminating the heads up display. The game wants you to focus on the scenery & to try to captivate the surrounding environment.

Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2

I wonder what’s on the other side of that light.


Uncharted 2 is amazingly good, and the game speaks for itself. You’ll play the game & always come back for added content.

The detail is an essential aspect, and Naughty Dog has done exceptionally well in providing depth towards it. Nathan’s second journey improves on every point. 

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Incredible storyline, character dialogue and their development
Graphics are a groundbreaking achievement for the Playstation 3
You really want to soak in each environment
Online multiplayer is fun, simple and addictive
Shooting isn’t the games focal point but could still be improved
Climax felt like a recycle of the last games ending with the ancient humanoids