Uncharted Collection PS4 Review

An exciting trilogy packaged together

Sony Interactive Entertainment has given all owners of a PS4 the chance to download free video games. With the PlayAtHome initiative, players can download Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free until May 6th, 2020.

If you didn’t download it in time you missed out on an incredible offer.

This collection is a reminder of what happens when a company changes its direction and dares to do something brand new. Naughty Dog has been known for creating Crash Bandicoot, which was THE mascot for Sony Playstation.

Their platforming video games were going head to head with the famous blur bur, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Italian plumber, Super Mario.

Naughty Dog wanted to take a more action-oriented and cinematic approach. What we got was Indiana Jones mixed with Tomb Raider and Gears of War for the Playstation 3.

Uncharted Collection PS4

Uncharted was the game to play when it released. It was refreshing and exhilarating to see video games take such a bold turn. It wasn’t until Uncharted appeared on the screen that video games started to get the Hollywood blockbuster experience.

Whether you downloaded Uncharted Collection for free or not, is this highly acclaimed PS3 trilogy worth playing?

Uncharted Collection PS4


Uncharted revolves around the adventures of a treasure hunter named Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake.

As a protagonist, Nathan is a relatable hero with no superpowers. He is stubborn and reckless, but his curiosity and witty humor get him into more trouble.

Uncharted Collection PS4

Accompanying Nate on his adventures is an old mentor and father figure, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, and journalist, Elena Fisher. Together they travel to around the world, searching for long lost treasures or cities.


You play the game in chapters. Each chapter begins with cutscenes before switching to the gameplay. Characters exchange dialogue as the players follow a linear path.

The entire game of Uncharted consists of portions of revolving exploration, climbing, and shooting.

Exploration focuses on Nathan’s notebook, which he carries around him at all times. The journal contains hints and illustrations that describe the setting and story.

The game is pretty straight forward, but the player can always view the notebook if they get lost. Sometimes Nathan will team up alongside other companions to solve puzzles and progress further.

The platforming is one of Uncharted’s highlights. Monkey Man Nathan climbs skyscraper-like structures in every game. As you ascend, chunks of debris fall, leading to a lot of peril and excitement.

Climbing these tall buildings and mountains end up having breathtaking views of the landscape.

Nathan can brawl his way towards enemies, but the most appropriate approach is using firearms. Even though shooting is the main form of combat, it isn’t Uncharted’s strength.

Uncharted Collection PS4

The run and gun gameplay are fun and decent, but it isn’t refined like in other shooters. It’s not bad, but it definitely could be better. Throughout each of the course of the series, it does improve. Uncharted changes the pace by adding vehicles and car chase scenes you would see in action movies.

Uncharted Collection PS4

Without a doubt, one of the greatest levels in video game history is the Locomotion chapter. Nathan scurries across a moving train dodging objects and shooting his way through enemies.  The train continues to move and shows the beautiful scenery of an ever-changing landscape.

Uncharted Collection PS4


The main focus is the story, acting, and stunning graphics.

Uncharted games are known for their over the top set pieces pushing boundaries. The technological achievements made in the Uncharted Collection are all outstanding and leave a lasting impression.

Nathan’s globe-trotting adventure takes him across cities, trains in the Himalayas, and airplanes in the middle of the desert. Players have seen Naughty Dog tackle all the elements and environments life has to offer.

Uncharted Collection PS4

By far, one of the highest resolution you’ll ever see if probably from an Uncharted game. Naughty Dog does push the envelope on what quality video games should look and feel.

Video game actors have been getting a lot of traction since Nolan North stepped onto the screen. Actors put on suits and must image an entire world that doesn’t exist.

Naughty Dog did the right thing hiring the team responsible for leading an excellent performance. If you’ve experienced the games on the PS3, the acting still stands strong.

The dialogue and cunning wordplay, along with a few twists and turns, make the story interesting. All of the supporting cast members have charm and help bring the story to life.

The outstanding soundtrack for each of the three games is memorable and continues to set the stage for each of Nathan’s exotic adventures.

Very rarely do some minor glitches appear here and there, but all in all, three games are solid.


After beating any of the games, players can replay the game on a more severe difficulty. All the Uncharted games are worthy of various replays. Not just one replay, but two or three is more than necessary.

Uncharted Collection PS4

Collectibles are abundant in all three Uncharted games. Finding the hidden treasure unlocks a bunch of extra content like skins, concept art, and infinite ammo. Each of the trophies is fairly easy to get so you won’t have difficulty achieving a platinum trophy.

Uncharted Collection PS4

Multiplayer for Uncharted 2 and 3 have been taken off. It comes to a slight disappointment but understandable as they were only available on the PS3.

Since then, the servers have now been dedicated to providing service for Uncharted 4’s multiplayer.


Yes, the Uncharted Collection is worth it, especially if you haven’t experienced the franchise yet.

Each Uncharted game is excellent! They are amazing titles, and each one is a step forward in the right direction. The stories are great but endings often feel like Naughty Dog missed the mark.

The Uncharted Collection comes with three amazing games that all worthy contenders of GOTY. The Uncharted Collection is a title containing one of the best franchises of the past generation.

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Closing Thoughts
People will argue about their favorite Uncharted game. Uncharted 2 received over 100 GOTY awards, and without a doubt, has been regarded as the best in the series among fans. I think 2, 4, 1 & 3 in that order are the best. We all have our preferences, but two were special. Before the game even came out, Naughty Dog released a beta for the multiplayer. I played that game with my two classmates for hours back in highschool. Of course, I do recommend you play each of the games; the Uncharted Collection is worth it.
An amazing cast of actors
Great stories
High production value
Stunning graphics
Bang for your buck
Exclusive title
Small bugs

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