Tokyo Tower


  • Business: Observatory, Broadcast Tower
  • Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Price: $ – $$

The majestic and iconic symbol of Japan 🗼

Ever since it was opening in 1958, Tokyo Tower is known as an iconic landmark of Japan. Enjoy sightseeing by visiting the unique observatory located at 250 meters above the ground. Enjoy a panorama of Tokyo from the central observation platform. It is an excellent idea to enjoy the observation decks in the morning as they are open from 9:00 AM and aren’t crowded at that time.

Tokyo Tower is a broadcasting tower at 333 meters high. You can enjoy the view of the entire city of Tokyo from the 150m high observatory and the 250m high Special Observatory. At the base of Tokyo Tower are gift shops, ice cream stores, and the aquarium is also famous. At night, the Tokyo Tower lits up and becomes a beautiful array of colors.

Images of Tokyo Tower

You’ll find many great spots to take pictures while visiting. Japan is known for long lines but when you arrive you’ll notice that the line moves fast. You’ll be viewing the Tokyo skyline in no time at all. While at the top you can spend time at a café or shop for souveniours. Once you feel like you’ve spent enough time at the tower you can then exit through a different elevator.


Beautiful view of the city of Tokyo, Japan!


Get close to the Skywalk to view the ground from the top. Careful with that vertigo! 🌀


Christmas tree lights surround the area. 🎄❄️


Tokyo Tower looks beautiful at night. 

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Iconic symbol of Japan
Fast entry
Accessible to all audiences
Plenty of shops at the base to enjoy
The tower is constantly renovated and revised for defects
The beautiful Tokyo Tower lights up the Japanese skyline
Both observatories are sold as separate tickets
Employees cannot pronounce correctly English when translating
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