Jardín del Pan


  • Business: Bakery
  • Name: Panaderia Pasteleria Jardín del Pan
  • Price: $
  • Phone: +503 2243-1298
  • Social Networks: Facebook
  • Location: Calle Adriático y avenida río Amazonas Número 1 Jardines de Guadalupe Antiguo Cuscatlán

A garden blooming with fresh bread in El Salvador

I want to share with all of you a special place I visit at least once a week to purchase bread and other pastries in El Salvador. It’s a wonderful bakery called The Garden of Bread (El Jardín del Pan) behind the Central American University “José Simeón Cañas” also commonly known as UCA.

The entrance to the bakery. 🥖


My mother introduced this bakery to me and since then I’ve always decided to come here. I’ve found it difficult to find good customer service in the majority of my visits to different establishments in El Salvador but The Garden of Bread is an exception. Right from the moment that you enter you are treated with an assortment of tasty treats and kindness.

It’s always a nice feeling to be well received and attended. I usually am lucky enough to arrive right on time when all of the bread is freshly baked and still warm.

There was one particular time I got out late from work and arrived as they were already closing for the night but they were still kind enough to sell me pastries through the closed gate. That for me was something special that meant a lot to me because at the end of the day service to the customer is the most important aspect in business. Making the client happy allows them to solidify the relationship with the brand.

The guard next to me said,”Es que tienes cuello.” which means “it’s because they know you.” 😎🍞

What I enjoy the most is purchasing plain tortas sprinkled with sugar or with grapes inserted inside. I also am very addicted to the alfajores since they have plenty of dulce de leche in the centers and powder on top. I do also recommend the tamales and semita bread as they are prepared with great care.

The I never forget to take a box of alfajores home with me. I’m sometimes given an extra one. ☺️ 🥖🍞



I’m more inclined to go to the Garden of Bread as there is always food freshly made. Whenever I go to other bakeries they are usually out of the pastries I’m searching for.



The interior is clean and has a traditional Salvadoran style similar to that of the typical bakeries found in pueblos.

A woman purchases some food to eat with her husband. 🍽🍛


This is the place where I’ll always get my bread. I’m given importance and feel like I matter as a customer. Inés, an employee of the bakery, pays attention to detail and will offer you the best service. I also always decide to visit because she’s always smiling and willing to offer her help.


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