My Entire 2020 Video Game Experience

It wasn’t the brightest year but 2020 still shined. I haven’t written in a long time and it’s because I’ve taken a step back to collect my thoughts with patience. I know people say 2020 was a bad year, but it was good to me. I’m grateful that I get to write about my experience […]

PS5 First Look Reveal Review

The Playstation 5 first impressions With the PS5 reveal, the world finally got its first look. Twenty-five years ago, the Playstation was introduced to the video game industry. The PS5 reveal showcases twenty-six video games and the unveiling of the Playstation 5. Some of the videogames look promising while others look not so great. Let’s […]

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Review

The gem of this generation The Last of Us is nothing short of one of the greatest games of the past decade and this generation. Seven years after its release, it’s regarded as a gem that shines brighter than most video games. By far, the most exceptional acting in video game history is found in […]

How is PS Now?

The Netflix for video games on PlayStation Due to the Coronavirus, I’m stuck at home, and during this time, I’ve kept myself occupied. I’m using these moments to write, watch movies, advance on personal projects, or playing video games. I’ve recently come in contact with PlayStation Now (PS Now) for the PlayStation 4, and I […]