Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Review

A celebration of the greatest video games

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is an improved version of Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Bros., and his team has gone and made everything better.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is a celebration of video games. Characters from different franchises come together in a spectacular crossover. Fight against the most iconic video game characters in intense competitive matches.

This version of Super Smash Bros. includes every character, bringing an astonishing number of 70 to the roster. All the stages included in past games are also returning with HD upgrades.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A new adventure mode, tweaks to characters attacks and button mappings, and improvements to the UI are just a few things that have made a difference.

Five additional characters are available through downloadable content. After having finished releasing the DLC, Masahiro Sakurai has stated to include six more fighters.

Sakurai makes promises to his fans to continue delivering incredible quality content.

Without a doubt, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best video games available on the Nintendo Switch. Let’s delve deep into why Smash is still relevant and fun to play even two years after it’s release.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


What is Super Smash? Super Smash Bros. is a popular fighting game that brings the world’s most significant video game characters from multiple franchises. Millions of players from around the world come together to experience one of the best video games ever created.

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai and his team have gone above and beyond to do what every passionate video gamer has thought was impossible. Companies such as Sega, Konami, Bandai-Namco, Capcom, Square Enix, and Microsoft are in the same video game.

Players fight using their favorite characters against one another. Being able to play with so many characters fighting in their worlds is what makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate special.


Fighting games have received universal criticism because of complex character movesets. Players complain that memorizing specific button inputs is difficult. Smash is one of the best games to play with people because the controls are simple.

The controls are easy to learn, but each character has a profound combat system that separates them from any other fighting game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As the game begins, players are only able to select between eight fighters. More are characters are unlocked by playing World of Light, every ten matches, or through the classic arcade mode.

Classic mode has been dramatically improved. Players can increase difficulty, allowing them to earn more rewards after having completed it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Master Hand has been the famous antagonist for the Super Smash Bros. series once players reach the end. Now, each character has a unique storyline, with iconic boss enemies from their games.

Fighters are distinguished by light, medium, and heavyweight characters. Characters can also be brawlers, use melee weapons, or projectiles as their primary forms of attacking.

The competitive community of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes the game even more impressive. Tournaments are held across the nation where players show off their skill and knowledge.

Videos online show players educating others with technical terminology like Edge Guarding, which is the act of one character defending the edge of the platform to prevent the opponent from returning.

The new single-player adventure mode is called World of Light.

All the characters from Super Smash gather on top of a plateau to face against the new foe floating in the sky. The peculiar creature releases multicolored rays that evaporate all that stands before it.

Kirby is the only character who is barely able to escape by using the warp star. The world is now overrun by characters of different video game universes called Spirits.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Players must go through a beautifully illustrated overworld fighting the roster of characters infused with Spirits. Each Spirit changes the way battles are played by modifying the stage settings depending on their unique characteristics.

For example, the Spirit of Gengar, from the Pokémon franchise, is a poison gas Pokémon. The ground on the stage you fight will have a poisonous cloud, damaging the player every second.

Some battles are more complicated than others, but each one is stimulating and challenging, with little to no repeating. All in all, it is a decent addition and is well worth a try.


The graphics for Super Smash Bros. is excellent. With the Wii U, Super Smash finally got the HD makeover players have been begging for. On the Switch, in portable or docked mode, character animations look much better.

Characters, stages, and items retain their unique art styles depending on the era in which they were made. All of the video game universes coexist together.

There isn’t anything negative about the graphics, but the UI can always be improved. It’s a step forward in the right direction, but design elements feel dispersed throughout the menu screen.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


You could say that one of the most redeeming characteristics of Super Smash Bros. is the many settings and ways to play.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate does not get stale even after 200 hours of playing. The combat system has been perfected and deep that the gameplay doesn’t stale.

With an absurd amount of characters to choose from, it’ll take you a while to even master one character, let alone 3 or 5. Each time you play, you’ll learn something new. After having stopped playing for months, returning to the game still feels fresh and exciting.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Playing with friends is a blast online or offline.

When having friends over, players can have battles between 2 – 16 players on the same television!

Players can change the appearance of their favorite fights and create name tags becoming easier to locate yourself.

Online gameplay with friends can keep players occupied for hours on end. Internet connection may vary between players. Many complain of interrupted internet signals and delays in button response.

There’s so much content to discover that you’ll be kept busy for months.

Change how stages will play out and add items to spice up the matches. Omega stages have players fighting on flat platforms without any distractions.

Trophies are collectibles of characters that players can earn through playing, which are now as Spirits. Unfortunately, Spirits do not contain a spectacular museum-like display with background information.


Super Smash Bros. has always been one of the top exclusive titles available for Nintendo consoles. Now the best version is available for the Nintendo Switch.

With improved characters, mechanics, content, and much more, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a definite purchase for any Switch owner. You will have the best time of your life playing by yourself or with friends.

SSB Ultimate is the only title to win multiple awards at the Japan Game Awards 2019 held annually at TGS (Tokyo Game Show). Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won the Grand Award, Award for Excellence, Best Sales Award, and Global Award Japanese Product.

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Unique exclusive content and characters you’ll never find anywhere else together
All aspects of the game have been greatly improved and fine-tuned
Excellent combat system
Perfect party game
Hours of endless fun and content available
Content is still being developed
Online battles have been known for poor stability and internet connection
You cannot have more than 4 players per online battle
Trophies are not available and have been a staple in the series

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