Super Mario Odyssey


  • Genre: Platform, Action-adventure
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Players: 1 – 2
  • Network Players: 0
  • HD Space: 286 MB

Mama mia, it’s a master piece!

This has been one of the most anticipated games to be released in the past decade. Since the moment audiences viewed footage of the game during the presentation of the Nintendo Switch, fans all over the globe have been anxiously waiting, patiently counting every day, for its release. Finally, the iconic mustached plumber has returned to the big screen in a glorious open sandbox adventure with new abilities to retain his title as the king of platforming.

Mario’s new capture ability allows him to throw his cap and take control of other objects. You can even turn into a T-Rex with a mustache! 🦖👨🏻


The scene begins over the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom on top of an airship. Mario and Bowser fight while Peach screams in the background. Bowser successfully beats Mario and escapes above the clouds.  Mario awakens to find a mysterious spirit like a cap floating above him. He states that his name is Cappy and that his sister Tiara, a literal bridal tiara, has been kidnapped alongside Princess Peach for Bowsers forced wedding. Together, Mario and Cappy must travel through each Kingdom in search of Bowser to rescue Tiara and the Princess.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario will travel between different Kingdoms on a flying ship in the shape of a hat called the Odyssey. These Kingdoms have uniquely exotic concepts with wide-open environments that Mario has never visited before. This time, Mario’s journey outside the Mushroom Kingdom has a lot to offer.

You’re going to be traveling through different Kingdoms on the Odyssey. ✈️🌎


As part of the story, your main objective in each kingdom is to find a certain amount of power moons scattered throughout the map to travel to the next location. Each Kingdom has its own creative theme and home to different inhabitants. The unique areas have mini-games to pass the time and collect the power moons scattered around every nook and cranny of the game.

You’ll have to find the minimum amount of Power Moons to be able to travel to the next location! 🔎🌙

Nintendo’s approach this time is to incorporate Cappy power, as a possession ability, which allows Mario to take control of any object Cappy comes into contact with. He is also used as a platform to jump on and bridge gap in-between spaces. Mario can use Cappy to help him continue into other areas using an advanced move-set that can be used from the very beginning. Through trial and error, the player will begin to understand how accessible the game becomes and the liberty of the platforming controls. The game rewards the player from finding once inaccessible areas due to a lack of understanding of how the new jump mechanics work. Each enemy is unique and learning to use new creative abilities every level is one of the greatest joys in the game.

One of the most radical changes is the removal of the classic 1-Up mushroom. Instead, 10 coins are deducted from the player whenever they die.

All of Mario’s old his moves are here and better than ever for you to exploit at will! ⭐️

The once common golden coins are now used as currency. Each kingdom also has its own currency, in the form of Purple Coins, hidden in each area that is used to purchase apparel at shops in that exclusive clothing to that kingdom. A big difference is the removal of 1-Ups. The classic life’s of Mario has now been replaced with a penalty of 10 golden coins every time you have to restart at a checkpoint. This was a strategic decision to keep this game refreshed and find more important for the in-game currency.


Each Kingdom offers exclusive items. Purchase apparel and decorations for the Odyssey can be done at any Crazy Hat shop. 🎩🛍

During the game there are sections where Nintendo has implemented the classic retro style 2D gameplay into a 3D world. These portions are one of the highest of Super Mario Odyssey and fit beautifully into 3D environments.

It’s a pure pleasure to encounter one of these special 2D sections in every Kingdom. 👾


Mario has never looked more amazing. For the first time, we see our beloved character in detailed environments painted with lush green for forests, sparkling water for the ocean, tropical areas surrounded by poison, desserts filled with ice and a sprawling metropolitan city inspired by the real-world New York City.

Classic soundtracks have been improved upon and now have beautifully orchestrated music to accompany that player during their journey. The game boasts an amazing set of songs that adapt to environments, changing to an aquatic tune if gone underwater or soft and gentle melodies if in the clouds. Cheery and upbeat songs will repeat in your head. The most recognized being the main theme song for the game called “Jump up, Super Star!”, accompanied for the first time by lyrics.

The camera must be controlled manually and doesn’t follow the player. The player must learn to perfect their management of camera control. The resolution looks great on the dock and on handheld mode. The game runs at the perfect frame rate and never causes any problems.

Mario will be exploring exotic locations that he’s never visited before. The designs may vary but they still stay congruent to the original art style. 🌴

This is the odyssey that will literally take you out of this world! 🌎🌕


After 30 years culminating platform design, Nintendo has a magical way of lighting up our faces with all the imaginative and creative ways to keep the gameplay fresh. Mario is a game for all audiences to enjoy. Even after having completed the main storyline, the game opens up to even more challenges to discover. You’ll spend many hours collecting Power Moons until finding the most incredible of ways to end Super Mario Odyssey. You might even shed a tear because of how memorable the game begins and closes.

You’ll be treated to one of these amazing moments of being able to jump through a painting just like in Super Mario 64. It’s one of those things that really makes you say,”Wow, Nintendo, you’re really spoiling me.” 😍

Every Switch owner should have a copy of Super Mario Odyssey in their library. It’s one of those games where you can pass playing endlessly for hours on end and still not get bored. Nothing feel repetitive as everything keeps constantly changing. There’s never a dull moment as there’s always something new to do, another area to explore, or a mysterious object encountered along the way. Figuring out how different mechanisms and being able to use Cappy’s ability will put an irremovable smile across your face. The best part of all is that you’re smiling all the way through. This is one of the titles that further cements Nintendo’s attention to detail, to creativity, and most of all incredibly fun. You will not be displeased with your purchase.

If the player stops moving the control, as his idle animation, Mario begins to sleep. All of a sudden a Corgi came to rest by his side! How adorable! It just touches your heart and shows you the attention to detail the developers have put. 😍

This game is the game you have to play. It’s even worth buying a Nintendo Switch just to play this game. Just WOW! What an amazing experience. You’ll fall in love every step of the way and be inspired by just how perfect Nintendo is at turning video games into an art form. This is the greatest in-house developed Nintendo game available for the Switch and one of the best video games ever created in history. Come, and join the incredible Odyssey!
Outstanding achievement, platform game design is impeccable
Fresh and innovative possession mechanic
A Super Mario adventure in stunning high resolution
An immense load of content even after completing the campaign
Free DLC includes an online Capture the Flag-esque mode and more costumes
Epic moments, levels, and boss fights
Beautifully orchestrated classic tunes and a new original soundtrack
Main villains of the game, The Broodals, are aesthetically undesirable and were an overall bad choice to include as antagonists
Coordination is difficult in 2 player mode as it only gives the option to control Cappy offering little participation
Two frustrating mini-games (Jump Rope & Volleyball) are horribly designed
When upside down, 2D stages have an awful control scheme that doesn’t recognize the directional input if the joystick changes movement
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