• Business: Home made food / Restaurant
  • Name: Riff Dog
  • Price: $

The best hot dogs in El  🌭 Salvador

Managed by a licensed professional and entrepreneur Anthony Argueta, Riff Dog is a family owned restaurant owned located in San Miguel, El Salvador. Their main focus is being a comfortable environment suitable for all audiences and perfect for reunions with friends, family and business associates. You’ll be able to experience and enjoy gourmet hot dogs made with love. The mascot, Don Wolfie, is a white Maltese who wears a black leather jacket, listens to music, plays music and enjoys drinking beer responsibly with his closest friends.

Since the very beginning of the brand identity, Walk Entertainment has been involved in the development process . Walk has been the lead director in the creation of the corporate image which includes the logo, mascot, menu, stamps, business cards, uniforms, and helped position the brand on social networks since its conception.

Come and experience the gourmet selection of hot dogs made in El Salvador! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡»

Each hot dog is prepared with only the freshest ingredients delicately served out of a burning passion to provide quality. πŸ•πŸŒ­πŸΊ


There are two iconic colors that represent Riff Dog, a light fluorescent green which resembles neon lights contrasting over the second color, black. Each character has green strokes and have a rustic filling in between the spaces partially left on portions of the letters. The green comes from the house speciality, a Riff Dog, a hot dog with avocados. The concept behind the Riff Dog image is to make it appear as a band’s logo. Riff comes from the intense melody created by a guitar during a song and Dog being formed from Hot Dog.

The Riff Dog logo that’s been in use since 2016. πŸ₯‘πŸ’šπŸ–Œ


The mascot for Riff Dog is a white Maltese named Wolfie, short for Wolfgang. He is a loyal gentleman, who never barks and always happy. His attitude represents the Riff Dog brand by being honest, respectful, and friendship. Wolfie has a personality resembling a human by maintaining an image of loving good music, food and deep conversation. He enjoys being the best host possible for his guests who visit Riff Dog. His white fur contrasts perfectly over dark backgrounds and complements the bright green colors by being distinguishable from the uses of black.


A traditional Riff Dog accompanied by an order of fries and an ice cold beverage. 🍺 Wolfie can be seen posing in the background. πŸ“Έ


A photography session was conducted to provide images use for future marketing, social media posts and for posterity. After the photos have been taken, a select few are then edited on programs to refine the compositions before being shown to the public eye.


Hot dogs that taste so delicious you’ll instantly order another one. 🌭🀀

Business Cards

Each of the business cards that were printed out had the name of Anthony Argueta with his position, email and number to be reach. The links to the social networks are located on the bottom. During the first production over 200 business cards were printed for customers. Wolfie can be seen in the background with him in his signature pose blurred out to provide more focus on the food and beverages shown.


A new menu was designed for Riff Dog detailing the necessary information to help customers order their meals. The front side beings with the logo, a small greeting and the contact information underneath. Clients can call to reserve for private events and follow Riff Dog through their social media accounts. The hand-painted watercolor backgrounds stay congruent to the corporate colors.

The items on the menu list their ingredients and how they were created. There is a solid black background below the text to help further improve legibility. On the backside shows the beverages available and a message for drinking responsibly.

The first prototype of Riff Dog menu designed in 2017. πŸ“—
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