Life’s Hectic


  • Genre: Visual novel, Role-playing
  • Developer: Walk Entertainment
  • Publisher: Walk Entertainment
  • Players: 1
  • Network Players: 0
  • HD Space: 15 MB

A bizarre role-playing life simulator

Life’s Hectic is a video game classified under the category of neoromance where the objective revolves around the player developing relationships between several characters with a focus on a “choose your own adventure” as a visual novel. The interactions with complex characters and the branching of dialogue trees present the possible responses that the player can choose, which in turn influences during later conversations. During the game, the player will have to manage several technical elements, such as a time, day-night cycle, mental health; various statistics such as appearance and charm that can be promoted through exercise or being a responsible student. A passion meter increases and decreases constantly depending on the decisions of the player, which always invokes positive or negative consequences. The project was developed as a web application to be accessible through any electronic device. The main focus was to educate young adults about the consequences of making good or bad decisions.

Life’s Hectic Pre-Alpha Prototype

Initially, the whole idea was to create a simple text based game where the player decides what to do next. After having discussed what path the game should take it was decided to amplify the experience as much as possible by trying to represent how life and all the aspects that revolve around it functions. As the development began, the user interface changed before reaching a closer approximation to the desired version. Below are three images the changes during development to increase replay-ability, legibility, and user experience while still trying to maintain the text based decision taking gameplay.



You play as a pure soul sent from Heaven down towards Earth with your only purpose to help other human beings, save your family and leave the world a better place before hopefully returning back to God. Luckily, you have your conscience of light and dark energy to help guide you but unfortunately life’s hectic so it looks like you’re going to have to help guide this human back to Paradise while avoiding Lucifer and his games of temptation, violence, corruption, betrayal, death, and disease. Hey but relax! Don’t just think that’s only what life’s about! Life’s a beautiful miracle: it’s a gift! Stop by and smell the flowers every once in a while! Fall in love, make friends, eat amazing food and dance all night long. Please, just believe me. Things aren’t easy. You are the star of this show. Alive or deceased, everyone’s watching what you decide to do with your life! Don’t disappoint us!


The player begins each day at 5:00AM. In Life’s Hectic ® vita, also more commonly known as health, indicates your continued ability to function. During each second, you must constantly manage the condition of your health points (HP) by adequately balancing the consumption of time, money and substances. Vitality only deteriorates gradually with time but living an active life will enable you to prolong the inevitable. If your HP reaches zero (0%) you’ll become incapacitated and it’s Game Over. Running out of health equates to dying. The protagonist does feature an automatic regenerating health system, however; there exists different methods to also regain health points during the course of time.

Sleeping decreases the bodies fatigue allowing the ability to restore itself. In particular cases, tiredness impedes maximal cognitive performance and extreme insomnia leads to hallucinations. Water is the essence of life. Humans are constructed mostly of water leading to a vital importance in drinking liquids daily to hydrate yourself from passing out. Drinking juices, coffee or alcohol are considered substitutes and their excessive intake can result in dire health problems. Contractions are rumbling noises accompanied by slight pain in the abdomen which represents hunger. This state signals a physiological desire to eat healthy nutritious meals in an effort to diminish starvation. Without consuming any nutrition the body becomes increasingly weak and unable to function properly. Behavior to engage in eating is motivated by imagining consumption and its anticipated pleasure. You are what you eat. Lastly, concerning oneself with practicing personal hygiene consists of proper habits in preserving health and preventing diseases with cleanliness. Society deems filthy people disgusting so consider bathing and apply fragrances to decrease body odor.

Pay attention! Your eyes allow you to see the screen that’s in front of you. During this period you’ll engage in conversations and manage all the elements going through your eyes at once. These interactions with complex characters and the branching of dialogue trees present possible responses that you can choose, which in turn influences during later conversations. Passion increases and decreases constantly depending on the decisions you make with your relationships, which always invoke positive or negative consequences. The correct method to form a relation is determined on building with each individual a high level of communication, honesty, respect and intimacy. You can befriend acquaintances primarily by spending time and after performing an adequate amount of favors which eventually allows the player to unlock special benefits. This and many more concepts are thrown to simulate a unique perspective on life decisions with fun dynamics and a dramatic story that keeps the player engaged to what’s going to happen next.

You wake up in your room. The sun’s shining. Everything seems like a good start to the day. You can see the city in the distance. What are you doing to do with your life? 🤷‍♂️


The artwork is illustrated and painted by hand before digitalizing through illustrator and photoshop. Talented artists in the field contribute to the creation of Life’s Hectic®, the game. Afterwards, the drawings are transferred to a computer for further refinement. Meet a cast of colorful characters and hang out in a variety of exotic locals. The prototype had four non-playable characters (NPC’s) that the user could interact with. They’d be given missions during their days playing that would increase the experience points (xp) gained after completion, granting them access to new abilities, items and locations. The four characters are Pretty Friend, Cute Dog, Working Mother, and Satan.


Below you can view screenshots from the game played on the a desktop browser.



Oh, you’re interested in playing? Let’s just say I won’t show you how to get there. If you can find the hidden button on this page then you’ll find the door to another world. Good luck 🤭 Until then it’ll stay hidden only to those who know where to look. Eventually it’ll see the light of day but for now just be patient… good things take time to make.

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