• Business: Coffee
  • Name: Dosis
  • Price: $

Exquisite high quality tropical coffee ☕️

Dosis is one of the most exquisite coffees produced in Central America. Each bag of Dosis coffee begins its process by growing the finest coffee at 1,650 meters above sea level, under a tropical climate in the most fertile mountains in the northern zone of San Miguel in El Salvador. Once the coffee is developed in the plant, it is hand selected, classified and processed in a traditional way that enhances the quality while maintaining a magnificent essence to ensure that the aroma is preserved.

The owners behind the cultivation have sought to develop a brand identity before sharing their coffee with the world. Their product has been grown with constant love in preparation for their first public release in select super markets after having been in seclusion for so long. Please stay tuned for more updates.


The first part of the brand identity consisted in developing the logo for Dosis. The client wanted to include a scorpion for the logo as it represents a strong attitude with a potent effect from its stinger.


Before the coffee can be delivered in mass quantities, it was important to establish the design of the package in which the product will be transported in. All the text and artwork is designed in black and white over a starry universe.

As requested by the Argueta family, the Alpha and Omega symbols are displayed at the bottom of the packaging to symbolize the families devote love towards God.

The protoype of the Dosis coffee packaging. ☕️📦


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