El Salvador’s ultimate artisan beer 🍺


Walk wrote a screenplay to film a commercial for the local craft brewery called Cadejo in the metropolitan area of San Salvador, El Salvador. The Cadejo Brewing Company specializes in IPA and has a wide variety of flavors available with new types coming out every year depending on the season. Some flavors have been loved by the public that many of their once experimental beers are now a staple in their business.

Cadejo Beer has a unique sense of humor. Each of their beers has a name that in most cases has a double connotation for example one of their most popular is named Mera Velga = Great Viking. If said rapidly and without reading correctly, the users tongue would twist to say “Mera verga” on accident. This however is a commonly used Salvadoran phrases to say,”Fucking great” (while the literal translation of ‘verga’ is penis it is not used in this context. Nevertheless the adjective is offensive). Another one in particular they have available is a beer called Wapa (when correctly spelled is Guapa) which means ‘attractive woman’ in Spanish.

This is how Walk began to write a screenplay for a commercial using word play. The story begins as we visualize a bar filled with people talking and having a wonderful time. An attractive woman enters a bar and begins walking. The camera focuses on the faces of the clients. Each one stops to stare in awe at the entrance. The audience notices the expressions of excitement, jealously and mesmerized customers as the camera pans through the bar.

The attractive woman turns around only to find out everyone was looking at a young man holding a tray full of beers behind her. The message is that both the beer and woman are attractive but beer is ultimately more than her.

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