Accepting knowledge

Failure leads to success

We are trained to believe since the beginning of our time being alive not to fail. We’re taught that failure is what will keep us from ever achieving success when in reality it is one of the most efficient ways to succeed.

By learning from our mistakes, whether the consequences be positive or negative, allows us to gain knowledge which with time transforms into wisdom. At that moment, we are then able to communicate our experiences towards younger generations for them to learn from our errors. We as well don’t always need to fail because:

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, the fool has to learn from his own.

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Oppositional disorder

We tend to be scared of what people will think about us when we fail instead of worrying about ourselves and how we can improve. People work very, very hard not to fail and the intelligent acquire mentors, role models, to help guide them. Nobody can pretend as a young professional to understand everything and have the contacts that a mentor has accumulated over the years to help them pave the way. But then again, there are people who think they know it all and don’t wish to go far enough which is also fine.

Our ego also limits us by always trying to be right and closing our minds to the correct advice which leads to immaturity. We all should do soul searching to understand yourselves better to help reflect. Take a walk to contemplate, try to understand what’s behind all of that stubbornness. It’s always been hard to accept help, our pride can keep us from asking until a point in which we can no longer can go on by ourselves.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

Seeking and accepting help

There are different types of help not only for what you cannot do. For when our criteria is not 100% correct simply because we don’t have the knowledge or experience, we tend to reject others. You don’t have to agree with what everyone says but you must accept knowledge from other people who may have it. If you think you know it all then that’s the worse part because then people who do that they end up not knowing anything.

If you don’t want to accept this fact this is a perfect example, you’re rejecting. You’re not open to improving yourself by how others who love you may tell you things just for you to improve. Most of the time you don’t like receiving someone else’s opinion and it’s very difficult, at times frustrating, but since certain people love you, they’ll keep trying. It’s not going to happen all the time if you’re not receptive or open to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Oh yea, well, but that’s just me.

THAT’S EXACTLY THE POINT. You need to improve yourself and open your mind. We all need to improve! If we just say that then no one would grow and develop. You need to challenge yourself, you need to be more open and more receptive to what people have to offer. Don’t just discard information right away just because… just because!

Everyone that you interact with will evaluate your interpersonal skills, your openness, quality of work and according to what they say will shape everyone’s opinion about your life. Be prepared with people in a positive, constructive and open mind. That doesn’t mean you’re going to have to be a pushover, not at all, but you have to listen before making a final decision. We never stop learning. The more you learn , the more you realize you don’t know and if you didn’t know, now you know!

The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask “why me?” and “what if?”. If you had done something differently, it wouldn’t be you, it would be someone else looking back, asking a different set of questions.

There was once a man who was starving. He was kicked out of a restaurant for having no money to pay for food. As he lay on the ground a cook from the restaurant came out and placed a plate of food in front of him.

“This is worse. I won’t accept charity. Take it away.” said the hungry man.

The cook replied,”Don’t be so tough, just eat it already. To me, any hungry person is a customer. The world can be cruel. It’s awful not to have any food or water. I understand starving people more than anyone. I don’t care if you want to die with dignity but if you eat up you’d be able to look forward to a new tomorrow, won’t you?”

The man ate the food, stating it was the best cooked meal he ever had in his life and was able to live another day. Let us accept others offerings even when we have too much pride. Open our hearts and mind to what good people may have to offer.


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