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Your first experience playing Pachinko

Pachinko is an electronic arcade game that is loved by the Japanese throughout their country. It’s one of the Japanese’s many favorite activities to spend time on. For 1,000 Yen (10 USD), people can enjoy playing the incredible game of pachinko! After reading these instructions, you should understand the basics of how to play.

Footage entering inside a Pachinko parlor in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. 🎰🤑


Pachinko is an electronic arcade game that is used for gambling. It is similar to the slot machines in Western casinos. Pachinko parlors spread throughout Japan and will always be full of Japanese. 

Pachinkos come in extremely exotic aesthetic appeals and ranging from all types of design concepts. A large number of licensed pachinkos machines are developed for franchises (film, manga, video games) are each design is unique. Pachinko machines a different variation of pinball machines like in Western culture.

Inside pachinko parlors, the area will greet customers with clouds of cigarette smoke. It’s so heavy the aroma that it will stick to all of your clothes. If you’re not able to resist smoke and cigarette smell, it’s best to avoid these areas. When inside, a loud mix of lights and sounds emits from every corner. It’s almost impossible to communicate and have a conversation with someone inside pachinko parlors. 



Pachinko is looked at as an entertaining activity, but also it’s seen as a negative activity. It’s been a source of money laundering for Yakuza’s since the early ’90s but has since been in decline due to police breakdowns. You will find a large amount of young and older adults spending large amounts of time enjoying Pachinko. Younger women usually do not attend these areas due to them being afraid of judgment.


The Japanese play with obsession. They stay there playing Pachinko smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, falling asleep, and waking up to play again. In many ways, you can say it’s a negative activity and harmful to their life. I do see the beauty of falling in love with the electronic sounds of the Pachinko machines. As with all things, we must be mindful of moderation because anything in this life can lead to an addiction. 🎰🕹🚬


There are three types of Pachinko: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced modes. Experiment with each mode to experience which type is right for you.

Novice Mode: It is more comfortable to match up the pictures than the Intermediate or Advanced modes of Pachinko and is suitable for players who want to relax and have fun.

Intermediate Mode: For players who find Novice Mode unchallenging. It is made for people who have more than essential experience.

Advanced Mode: For players who are experienced in playing Pachinko. This mode offers players seeking fast-paced and intense action.


1. Arrive at the Pachinko parlor early! If you have a lot of personal belongings, you may store them in a locker (but some rooms do not have storage lockers)

2. Select the machine you wish you play.

3. When shooting the ball, the targets are the pegs (known as ‘Bukkomi’) located all around the Pachinko machine.

4. Place the ball into the pocket (referred to as the ‘start checker’), located in the bottom center of the game machine. When the ball goes in, the pictures in the center will spin around and change.

5. If the numbers and pictures match up, then you’ve hit the jackpot. When you have hit the prize, the pocket located at the bottom of the game machine (referred to as the ‘attacker’) will open up. Continue to put in more balls after the device indicates that no more balls will be released.

6. When you hit the jackpot, balls will continue to come out, so be prepared to store the balls in the box located below the machine.

7. If the box is full of balls, please press the ‘Call’ button to call an attendant. Someone will arrive shortly to assist you gladly. If you have any other questions, you can also press the button to ask an attendant for help.

8. When you are finished playing a game, have an assistant come and count your balls.

9. Once the total amount of balls has been scored, you will receive a small ticket that indicates the amount.

10. Take your card to the counter to be handed your earnings.

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