Lies in a relationship

The great escape of a snake

People will run away from the truth because the truth hurts. But it’s not hard to tell the truth. So why is it that human beings lie to each other?

Some do it out of fear, greed, lust, or impulsiveness but in the end they have shown their disloyalty. People who are liars are cowards. You can view impulsivity as going for immediate gratification like wanting an ice cream. You purchase it only to find out that it’s amazing. So you decide to buy a whole bucket of it but soon get fed up it’s taste. So then you leave it. They don’t have the guts to speak the truth and be who they really are. So they lie to pretend to be someone else and get away with murder.

Cowards hide behind lies and deceit

It’s hard to even imagine that after having spent 1, 3, 10 or more years with someone they change and become a completely different person. Many people are crooked. Your friends who appear to be in serious relationships may also confide in you that they are also unfaithful. They justify themselves through a detailing the countless reasons why they must behave this way. They realize that they’re not happy with that person anymore, and instead of being honest and direct they’re just lying behind the back of someone who loves them.

Those people are cowards because they don’t want to speak the truth. They don’t want to take chances and ask themself if they’re in the right place in life and if they should consult with you before committing acts that will damage your relationship and trust. Instead, when they have somebody else it’s safer for them just to lie and leave. There is a lot of manipulation. The cause of the pain tries to play the act of the innocent and the victim continuing the vicious cycle of spinning a web of lies. People do this for their own benefits because they’re more than cowards…

They’re losers.

Just go take a walk to clear your head. You need to clear things up and even a simple stroll through the neighborhood will help. Contemplate on the actions that led up to the climax in your relationship. Trace back and try to relive those moments choosing better decisions. What would you have done differently? 🚶‍♂️😸❓

Lies come from fear

It’s disappointing to have someone lie to you or hide information behind your back. Once you realize it you need to come to terms with it fast because it doesn’t faze them that they’ve been lying. They’ll say one thing one day and next week they can’t keep their stories straight anymore. When you discover that their stories don’t match. Once they’ve shown no respect, you’ll finally realize you’ve been played but lucky for you they’re not intelligent enough to be honest. It is as they say:

If you’re a liar you’re going to have to have a great memory.

Afterwards you’ll come to terms knowing who you’re dealing with. The point of the matter is that we don’t want to accept that the people we love are like that. We lie to ourselves because it hurts too much admitting the truth and we don’t want to believe that’s their nature, we lie to ourselves. That’s also a problem. It takes time to accept when a person is not who they represented themselves to be. Most people want to appear to be better than how they are. It’s part of human nature. We have the obligation to go slow to try to get to know people on a personal level, under all the layers as they truly are, before trusting our lives to them. We may also have trouble practicing what we preach ourselves because we tend to trust people almost right away as we project ourselves.

If you have noticed that these individuals have history of lying to their family, friends – the people that they “love” – why would they not lie to you? What makes you any different or special? This is a reason why it’s important to choose your friends wisely.

Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.

You don’t need everyone, just a few good people

If a person has gone astray since way back why will they suddenly be straight with you? That never happens! So that’s why we need to know people well before we trust them otherwise of course they’re going to stab you in the back. Those types of people will only help you dig your grave. What you need to do is find humans that are worthy of you. You as well have to be worthy of yourself so worthwhile people want to spend their time with you. If you are not a horrible person but behave as one, that’s what people will believe and you’ll attract toxic to your life.

The people you keep in your inner circle are a reflection of yourself and it’s your decision if you desire to keep them there. These important people you choose to spend time with shape your behavior, your thoughts and even the way you’ll perceive the world. Whether you were aware of it at the moment or not doesn’t matter. Now you’ll be able to pay close attention to the ones we want consider almost family.

You’re only as good as the company you keep.

When we recall ill moments it disables us from every achieving inner peace. Let us grieve for a while but never forget that there exists a lot of good on this Earth. There are honest, trust worthy people around with positive relationships. There are loving human beings who will appreciate you more than your previous endeavors. For now let us be thankful for having this moment to be alive and the ability to move on.

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