Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Preview

Travel across feudal Japan as a Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima is a great game, and I’m having a nice time playing. Ghost of Tsushima is an exclusive video game for the Playstation 4 made by Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch is known for their Sly Cooper trilogy on the PS2 and Infamous franchise on the PS3 and PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima story takes place in 1274 when Mongols arrive at the island of Tsushima, off the coast of feudal Japan. You play as Jin, one of the last samurais alive to defend his home from the invading Mongolian army.

With his country and people being enslaved and killed, Jin seeks help from the few allies he can find. The story is exciting and has excellent English, Spanish, and Japanese voice acting.

Ghost of Tsushima

Game Design

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world adventure game with some hack n slash in a Japanese setting. Playing as a samurai, you’ll use your sword and other tools to save your people. Players can tackle levels with stealth or attack opponents head-on.

NPC’s will give players missions and reward them for their success, enabling new sets of abilities. There are plenty of collectibles to find and ways to keep you occupied.

Ghost of Tsushima


Players can change their outfits to give them special effects, boosting characteristics in or outside of battle. You can mix and match clothes to your liking. Change your sword’s appearance and add charms, objects that grant additional effects.

Jin ‘s main weapon is a Katana but he will carry lots of other tools to attack enemies with a variety. Accessories allow the player to change the saddle on his/her horses back and play songs that change the weather. Similar to the Sun Song in Ocarina of Time.

Ghost of Tsushima


Travel across the island of Tsushima completing objectives to gain points spent on improving your offense or defense skills. Players will use a katana and dagger to slice through enemies.

Combat gameplay is fun, engaging, and grows on you. There is a design similar to rock, paper scissors where players must change their sword stance to attack enemies depending on what weapon they use.

Stone stance for swords.

Water stance for shields.

Wind stance for spears.

Moon stance for heavies.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

The Map

The map is relatively big, with plenty of places to explore and things to do. On the map, pin markers and the guiding wind will lead you to your destination. I love the design and think it’s great.

Ghost of Tsushima

To me, the Ghost of Tsushima feels like a safe game. Not a big ambitious title that’s trying to change the industry. GOT is a game that has everything a player needs to have a good time.

Ghost of Tsushima has a wide-open world to explore, lots of quests to complete, many skill trees, and unlockables to find. There are some technical difficulties like poorly animated lips when characters talk, or some strange enemy AI. Ghost will keep you busy for hours.

I currently finished the entire Act 1, getting all the collectibles, and completing every mission. There’s plenty to do, and the game art direction for Japan is pretty. Practically every area in Ghost of Tsushima is worth a screenshot.

The photo mode impresses me. Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode is the best photo mode I’ve seen in any video game. You can customize and see movement when taking stunning pictures. I will have to discuss the photo mode in another blog. A new update is available that brings in a harder difficulty called Lethal.

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