Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Gameplay

Fast sword slicing samurai goodness

In Ghost of Tsushima, the player begins ‘Tales,’ which are missions or quests. Each Tale starts with a cutscene where two or more characters engage in conversation. The conversations between characters explain how the levels will be.

Players can fight enemies head-on or use stealth to sneak around. You can use a Katana, a Japanese sword, or other tools like kunai and smoke bombs. Jin has a fair amount of weapons at his disposal, so the combat doesn’t stale.

For the most part, the story is an enjoyable journey. The voice acting is excellent, and the dialogue is engaging with a lot of Japanese philosophy. Inspiration from character development seen in classic Japanese film and anime are present.

A lot of the games plotline centers around Jin being an honorable Samurai. In Japan, the Japanese culture believes in being honest and authentic. The Japanese code of honor is, in fact, part of what makes the Japanese so disciplined and respected. They hold on tightly to their values; their words have weight.

Shadow of the Samurai

There are three Acts in Ghost of Tsushima. The footage above shows the gameplay of the final Tale in Act 1. Jin must press forward to reclaim a castle with his fellow allies.

Players can use a grappling hook to swing of branches and reach higher distances. Using the grappling hook also helps avoid enemy detection. Stealth in Ghost of Tsushima is basic and not like Metal Gear Solid.

Enemy AI, most of the time, are aimlessly staring into the distance, making it easy to take them down. They aren’t brilliant and tend to lose interest in looking for you fairly quickly.

Bows and arrows are most effective in taking down a handful of enemies without getting noticed. The bow is probably the most overpowered weapon with one-shot kills and the ability to slow downtime.

Ghost of Tsushima

The sword slicing is fun and feels great. Switch between sword stances to counterattack enemies depending on the weapon they carry. In some tales, Jin will have epic one on one sword fights. These moments have more detailed environmental and set pieces to make them dramatic.

The samurai boss fights are some of the highlights of Ghost of Tsushima. Block, parry, evade, and slash your enemies. The duels are challenging and can take you a couple of tries until succeeding.

Closing Thoughts of Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima has fun combat and lukewarm stealth, but it’s a good time. You will have lots of attacks and other weapons to upgrade or unlock to make things more interesting as the game progresses.

NITPICKING: Switching between stances and items can become tedious. For example, if I hold a Wind Chime to get an enemy’s attention and want to change to an explosive arrow.

I have to hold R2, switch the weapons with the D-pad, and then triangle to switch the arrow. Hold down L2 to aim and then press R2 to load and fire. Maybe I’m wrong. If so, leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

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