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Japan is known for so many incredible inventions and contributions to humanity. One of the most captivating forms of entertainment for any human is the pleasure of enjoying fantastic cuisine. Food in Japan is incredible, and eating in Japan is even better! ❀️Are you visiting Japan anytime soon and need advice on what to eat? Here are a few fantastic ways to eat in Japan!

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Let’s start with the most famous Japanese cuisine: Sushi. Sushi is Japanese white rice with raw fish. Different types of sushi visually stand out from one another in unique ways. The ingredients range from tuna, yellowtail, salmon, sea urchin, omelet, and much more!

If you’re new to eating Japanese food, then it’s recommended you eat sushi before trying more exotic meals!


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Raw fish finely sliced on top of Japanese white rice. Dip sushi into some soy sauce mixed with wasabi and enjoy!


3 & 4. MAKI & TEMAKI

Maki sushi is seaweed wrapped around rice with the ingredients set on top. Temaki means a handroll and is designed to eat the entire sushi in your hand. You can eat maki sushi by grabbing it with your hands if it makes you feel more comfortable; the Japanese don’t find it as improper etiquette.

An image of nigiri, maki, and temaki together. Ikura is red caviar, and it’s the absolute best along with fatty tuna! 🍣🐟



Fried shrimp and vegetables with white rice is a simple but tasty combination. Japanese also eat tempura with fish pickled spinach, eggplant, and miso soup!

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Kushiage is another form of tempura. It’s much more light and uses higher quality ingredients to create fried food. Meals are smaller and more expensive in these establishments. If you love to eat tempura, you’re going to have to try this at least once.

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Fried Camembert cheese. Fried asparagus and mayonnaise sauce. Ochazuke salmon (Leftover rice, hot green tea, vegetables, and salted fish).


A very gourmet and elegant form of Japanese dining is Kaiseki. At first glance, each dish appears to be very small, but these are eight-course meals that fill you up. Kaiseki is a special ritual, and chefs take their time to recreate new dishes continuously.

In Japan, nothing has come as incredible to the taste of squid melting on the tip of my tongue. I carefully had to chew the precious meat as if it were gold because I never wanted it to end. Unfortunately, you cannot order a single plate of whatever you want.

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These meals aren’t cheap, and meals easily start at a thousand dollars; the attention to detail and service is top quality.


Shabu Shabu is entirely out of the world experience that truly sets itself apart from the rest of Japanese cuisine. People get to grab meats and vegetables, placing them inside the boiling water to cook. Just as with raclette, each person cooks their food at their pace and eat it their way. Different sauces give each ingredient a kick of flavor.

Meat, lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, and tofu get boiled and served with tasty sauces. πŸ₯©πŸ₯¬πŸ„


Ramen is one of those classic foods you see people eating in anime and movies. The majority of people’s knowledge about ramen usually starts and ends at Maruchan soup, but ramen dates back hundreds of years. It’s one of the types of food that the Japanese eat daily. It’s a meal that can be served very quickly at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The majority of Japanese eat ramen at the lunch rush hour. You can purchase ramen tickets at restaurants through machines. All you do is insert the money and choose what you want. Take the card (s) to the cook, and they’ll serve it to you. Order some edamame or gyoza on the side, and don’t forget that birΕ« (beer in Japanese)!Β  πŸ₯ŸπŸΊ

Spicy ramen is with noodles, boiled egg, bamboo, with fantastic beer.


Eating tofu is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. It’s filled with a large number of proteins and makes your blood circulate. Cold tofu, otherwise known as hiyayako, is a typical dish for the Japanese to eat on a hot summer day. The recipe consists of chilled tofu and vegetables with fish flakes, green onions, and soy sauce. Additionally, you can add vegetables like sliced cucumbers or tomatoes to create a more refreshing taste.

Tofu is just one of many acquired tastes; many people at first might be unsure about the palate.Β 



There is a small restaurant where they create a famous fluffy pancake. I had to wait forty-five minutes to have the waitress serve these pancakes, but I can say it was worth it. The vanilla ice cream is a nice touch with the fruity sensation of the jam. All of the ingredients taste delicious, and it was a significant step away from traditional Japanese cuisine.

Enjoying a refreshing Asahi beer in Yoyogi Park! 🎸🍺


Japanese food is delicious, and there’s still a lot more to learn! The way the Japanese prepare and cook food is an art form. Only the freshest sushi in the world can be eaten right in Japan. Keep coming back for more content about what to eat in Japan!

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