Club Salvadoreño El Sunzal Review

A guide to a popular destination at El Sunzal

El Salvador is in Central America, and it’s a country filled with a rich culture and beautiful places to visit. One of the most private and exclusives areas for over 50 years has been the Salvadoran Club (also known as Club Salvadoreño) located in El Sunzal, La Libertad, El Salvador.

Families spanning for a couple of generations can enjoy the beauty of the tropical beach. Are you interested in taking a relaxing trip to El Sunzal? Here is a guide for you to enjoy the local tropical life at Club Salvadoreño. 

Club Salvadoreño

Club Salvadoreño is a beautiful and quiet getaway from hectic city life. 🏝

How to get to Club Salvadoreño 

El Sunzal is right next to El Tunco beach, which is a popular destination filled with great places to enjoy food, dance, and rest. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to arrive at the club if you are driving from the city in San Salvador the road is beautiful, filled vegetation and usually always in construction. 

The large blue entrance to Club Salvadoreño at El Sunzal, La Libertad.

As you arrive at the main entrance, club members are given a clipboard to write their club information. Members can invite each guest individually, which ranges from $10 – $20 depending on the season, with five of those dollars being consumable. Once you enter Club Salvadoreño, be wary of parking your vehicle under the trees to prevent it from getting dirty from falling fruits and leaves. 

You’ll quickly notice a building with a receptionist waiting to greet guests. Here you can ask for more information regarding services or local events that are held around the beach. They present visitors with a sheet to rent a semi-private ranch for 3 dollars. You will be given a lock and key for a private changing room, two hammocks, and a center table to fit 6 (with the ability to fit up to 10 people) right in front of the beach.

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Sign in at the reception to receive your ranch lock and key. 🔐

Eating at Club Salvadoreño

The club has recently updated their menu with new pictures and copy. The material used can withstand the salty air and humidity of the beach atmosphere. Guests can order from waiters or head straight to the leading bar/food counter to ask. Cooking takes around twenty to thirty minutes, depending on how busy the kitchen is.

Now the food may not be five stars, but it does get the job done. They have many options to choose from the breakfast and lunch menu. Order some delicious ceviche, or a shrimp cocktail, or club sandwich. 

Traditional huevos rancheros, pupusas, and coffee are available for breakfast. For lunch, you can always order burgers, grilled fish, ceviche, shrimp cocktails, and club sandwiches. I highly recommend the Marea de Mariscos, which is a plate of fried shrimp, squid, and fish with tartar sauce as a dip (and happens to be my favorite dish to order). The presentations always arrive wrapped in plastic or covered in aluminum to prevent insects from getting their hands on your food.

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Delicious food for you to enjoy while having an ice-cold michelada. 🍤🍺

Customer Service at Club Salvadoreño

The customer service is more than decent. I can’t recall having a negative moment going to Club Salvadoreño. I know most of the employee’s names, and they as well know my mother and mines. They say hello and send my best regards whenever I visit on my own. They’re kind, courteous and they always do their job.

Lodging at Club Salvadoreño 

When friends and family from the United States or other parts of the world come to visit El Salvador, I always take them to Club Salvadoreño. Upon their second visit, they always ask to return to the club. Club Salvadoreño is located at the beach in EL Sunzal and the lake in Ilopango. 

Depending on where you decide to stay, staff members will guide visitors to their respective houses or apartments. People find the services available while renting are accessible, comfortable, and have all the necessary facilities (pool, ping pong table, billiard table, beach, oysters, air conditioning, wifi, room service, kitchen, and tv.

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Visit the bar, play some billard, or chill out at the poll. 🎱🏊‍♂️

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The housing will comfort any American. 🏡🌴

The designs and structure of the club have the tropical bungalow style. At first, it appears to be cute with a traditional rustic charm. In many ways, it feels stereotypical, but at the same time, it feels right feels at home. Material from portions of buildings have rust or show paint peeling. Granted, Club Salvadoreño has been gradually improving with many renovations every year. It’s frankly quite an enjoyable experience to know that they never stop adding more to make the customers happy. You’re not missing much when you visit.

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The recently constructed apartments have updated designs and equipment for members. 🛌🌬

More Information about El Sunzal

El Tunco (The Pig in Spanish) gets its name from a big rock that sits close to the shore of the beach. Throughout the years, erosion has destroyed the image that was once clear to the Salvadoran population. It now just appears as a big rock for swimmers to head over and to take pictures.

Throughout the world, tourists and surfing enthusiasts travel to El Salvador to surf. El Salvador is by far one of the greatest in all Central America with surfers visiting specifically El Sunzal to catch some waves. Surf contents are held right in front of Club Salvadoreño because it is the best place to surf.

If you’re looking for an even more quiet and different environment Club Salvadoreño is also located in Ilopango Lake (Lago Ilopango in Spanish), where there is an 18-hole golf course. Club Salvadoreño’s golf course is one of the most elite golf clubs in all of Central America. 

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Closing Thoughts
I've been going to Club Salvadreño for over twenty years. My family has been a member of the club for two generations, and eventually, I will become a member as well since I have yet to purchase it. Of course, I will, it's a fantastic place to visit in El Salvador. It's in the heart of the most visited beach in the country while still being in a secluded area. The ability to get away from the city and relax at the beach makes anyone have a good day. Have a beer, order some seafood, sleep in a hammock, chill out by the pool, swim in the ocean, or just read a book (play a videogame). This is the best country club you'll find in El Salvador. And if you're feeling adventurous, take a walk on the rocks or drive your car to El Tunco where you can experience the nightlife at the beach. Every Salvadoran has gone to party at El Tunco at least more than a couple of times in their life; you should do the same.
Private club in front of the famous Tunco beach
Five minute walk from the club to El Tunco
Houses and apartments are available for rent
Free wifi is available all around the club
So many rocks on the beach
Service can be very slow when it's a holiday
There have been a few times where waiters made mistake by being sidetracked
Oysters are sold only on Saturday when in Season