Clash Royale Season Pass


  • Genre: Real-time strategy, Cards
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Players: 1 – 2
  • Network Players: 2 – 4
  • HD Space: 1.20 GB

The Flood Season Pass

Clash Royale is the only game I play every single day of the year! This is one of my favorite and most addictive games I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning on my phone. It’s a compelling real-time strategy game where players use cards to fight in glorious 3D battles against each other. It’s been available to download for free since 2016 but since the beginning of July 2019, Supercell has released a new Season Pass called The Flood for $4.99 which offers a new arena, game modes, a legendary card with a brand new mechanic including and other exclusive content! So is the Clash Royale Season Pass worth a purchase? Find out below!


It almost feels like the beginning of a new era! 🐟🌊🎉


A tidal wave has entered the area with it has come a new character called the Fisherman who uses a hook to bring in enemies similar to Scorpion’s spear from Mortal Kombat. Once locked on to the enemy, the Fisherman pulls them with a slight stun and begins fish slapping their faces!

A new arena resembling a shit has arrived called the Fisherman’s Float! As each game begins, the whistle is blown and the sound emitted has been adapted to the theme that resembles tunes from a sailor or pirate ship. The music still remains the same throughout each match.


The minute that you purchase the season pass a banner with your name and an art style of the fishermen behind it is portrayed in the timeline of the clan chat for everyone to see. Your name now appears in gold letters and shows a bright moving glare passing throughout each letter.

Purchased Season Pass

Already I’m now part of the club! 😎👌

The Fisherman’s Catch challenge was extremely difficult but I’m very glad that I have purchased the season pass otherwise I would not have been able to obtain the amazing rewards that are available. I also thankfully saved myself from spending 100 gems to begin the challenge.


I not only saved myself more than 100 gems but I also did not get stressed! 💎🎟☺️

The Flood brings a new game mode called ‘Take to the Skies!’ which fills the whole area with water. I think it’s quite nice we get to see the use of water in a creative way. There are only two preselected decks that are handed to either player. When I began to play a round against another opponent I felt that the cards weren’t that well-balanced but nonetheless I did not encounter much trouble in completing the challenge.

Even though I did lose, I was able to continue the challenge without having to begin all over again which felt very nice. At least for once I didn’t get stressed out knowing that I can always continue again.


This challenge only has flying troops taking control of the arena! 🦇🐉🌊


I love the fisherman I think the new mechanic is great and brings another twist to an already incredible game I’m so eager to see all the different types of combinations that will be made with the fisherman

The fish emote is attractive and an exclusive emote for a season pass it is of a fish using its fins punch as if it were boxing it’s nice and simple however there is another email of the fisherman lifting his cap up and that’s not attractive

You were also able to unlock a screen for the Kings tower which is a shark tank and it also goes well with the theme of the flooding and you know the majority of exclusive content for the season passes only aesthetics.


Clash Royale has become much more addictive since having purchased the Season Pass because I am able to use crown points to progress through tiers to unlock rewards. It takes 10 Crowns to unlock a tier. Each tier contains 1 Pass Royale reward and 1 Crown Chest. The Pass Royale rewards are much greater than the normal crown Chest rewards.


The Flood has so many rewards!🎁 🌊

After unlocking a few tiers, you’ll gain Lightning Strikes to choose cards gained in chests. The number of strikes increases as you unlock more tiers. There is a lot of value with the amount of content you receive for the low price of $4.99!

Clash Royale still finds ways to bring even more value to an already polished game. All this new content feels and plays great! I’m always having fun playing with the Walk Clan everyday! The Flood is another great addition and we recommend you purchasing it!

It's worth your money
This is my first purchase in the Clash Royale after having player for almost 3 years. I feel that I've received more than what I expected. The skins are a nice addition as it's always pleasant to show off a little flare.
Brand new legendary card called the Fisherman.
3 new emotes. Two of which are obtainable with the Season Pass purchased while the third one is part of an additional bundle.
The new Fisherman's Float arena.
The water in the arena lacks emotion. It would've been nice to see a tidal wave.
Take to the Skies! challenge's preselected decks could still be more balanced.
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