10 Useful Extensions for Google Chrome

Add some style and flavor to your browsing experience!

Google Chrome Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. Extensions make your life easier with work and they are a lot of fun.

Today, Google Chrome is the leading web browser to navigate the internet.

I remember the days in the early 90’s when I would use dial-up internet on Internet Explorer to surf the web. The sound when the internet began is among one of the most unique frequencies of vibrations that can never leave my memory.

Over the years, the ways of browsing the internet have evolved. People now use Wi-fi instead of using dial-up making navigation more accessible and efficient.

There is more than navigation in Google Chrome. Once you start using Google Chrome extensions, you’ll realize that life is less stressful when you have the proper tools at your disposal.

Here are 10 Amazing Extensions for Google Chrome to help you take some weight off your shoulders. 

1. LastPass

Having trouble remembering all your credentials? LastPass secures your private information in one easy place with a simple user-friendly design. 

Using LastPass is a great alternative if you don’t feel like typing in your credentials when entering an account. 

Passwords can easily be shared with other friends and family members through verifying and authentication.

The great thing about LastPass is that it’s available on the most used web browsers. You can also download it for your phone! 📱

2. Grammarly

One of the greatest tools to improve your English skills is Grammarly. Not only does it correct your spelling mistakes, but it also offers you new ways to improve your dialect. 

You can change the way you communicate with your audience to create an authentic and professional voice when writing. 

It’s simple to use and very intuitive. You can install Grammarly on your computer and phone. Grammarly can sync in with your Google Docs and social media accounts when you type. 

Users will have to pay for a subscription if they want to take full advantage of the customization features. It is definitely worth the investment and you’ll feel much more confident when typing.

3. Pesticide

This extension is for those of you who do programming and need help designing websites. Pesticide allows users to check the dimensions of all the elements displaying on the screen.

Designers, programmers, architects, and many other people require the exact information when constructing anything. The proper measurements are crucial when building a foundation which is what makes Pesticide so important.

Visit the website of Paul Molluzzo, the creator of Pesticide.

4. Full Page Screen Capture

Sometimes we need to screenshots of a whole webpage instead of scrolling down and taking various screenshots to get all the information. 

GoFullPage will save the entire web page you’re viewing in either PNG or PDF format. It has helped me tremendously when purchasing orders online and saving account information. 

I highly recommend you use Full Page Screen Capture.

5. Netflix Party

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many companies to come up with new solutions to continue to provide services for their customers. 

COVID-19 has caused us to adapt and Netflix Party is one of the greatest solutions to help tackle this adaptation.

Netflix Party allows users to chat and watch movies or series together! A user hosts a lobby and shares a link for others to join. 

I have always wanted an application to allow me to do this and coincidentally, the best one happens to be a Google Chrome extension!

Netflix Party is perfect for a movie night with a group of friends or to have a date with your special someone. 

6. Evernote Web Clipper

Writing down To-Do-Lists and keeping every note organized is hard. It’s understandable that we all want to save trees and find everything in a single conveniently located place.

That’s why Evernote has been a great lifesaver. Since my early days in college, Evernote has allowed me to keep my notes safe and sound. I am always able to access them from my desktop version and mobile phone.

Evernote is also available for Google Chrome which allows you to save web clippings when browsing and other information to view later. 

Apart from that, Evernote comes with loads of templates that you can customize to improve documentation. 

7. Ghostery

Have you ever browsed the internet only to be interrupted by an Ad? It ruins your leisure experience while being distracting and intrusive.

Ghostery will stop that from happening and it will notify you if the webpage you’re visiting is tracking your information. 

Web tracking is the practice by which operators of websites collect, store, and share information about a particular user’s activity on the World Wide Web.

Many users around the world find tracking to be an invasion of privacy but it is to help developers quantify and hopefully understand the user’s interests and actions.

Ghostery is for those who want to feel more comfortable and aware of what websites are analyzing when you visit them.

Visit the Ghostery website here 👻

8. Smallpdf

Whenever I need to compress or convert files I always head straight to Smallpdf.

One of the many requirements at work is sending files through emails. Some documents need to be uploaded to the cloud for others to download. 

Other files need to be small enough to be posted on the online store and they need to load quickly. This can be a hassle especially if your internet is slow. 

After creating pdf documents in Adobe Illustrator or Google Docs I use Smallpdf to help compress the size. Sometimes people require images instead of pdfs and the documents are easily converted with Smallpdf.

View their official website to view the other useful tools they have available. 🗂

9. Google App Launcher

Do you loving using all of Google’s products and services and want to access them quickly? 

When you download the G App Launcher for Google Chrome it only takes one click to open the menu and have them available.

All of Google’s intellectual properties mentioned above are there so you don’t have to keep typing in the URL to use them.

Searching and sending files has never been more convenient until the Google App Launcher released.

I previously used Safari from Apple and Mozilla Firefox. Ever since I found out about Google Chrome I’ve used it every day and don’t look back.

It’s fast, easy to use, secure, very detailed, and filled with lots of unique characteristics that make personalizing my internet experience a blast. 

10. Walkway

Walkway is the most popular extension made by Salvadorans to help the world see the true beauty of El Salvador. View beautiful pictures of El Salvador every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome. 

Download Walkway for free on the Google Chrome Web Store. Click on the following link to download Walkway for free from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Visit iconic locations like Apaneca, Bahía de Jiquilisco, Chalatenango, Comasagua, Costa del Sol, El Pital, El Tunco, El Zonte, Jardín Botánico, Lago de Coatepeque, Lago de Ilopango, Morazán, Río Lempa, San Vicente, Santa Ana, Zapotitán and many more. What are you waiting for? Come take a walk through El Salvador! 🇸🇻🌎🌐

[su_button url=”https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/walkway/nkbflgdoljijfdopjgfnbjdcedjkbfnm?hl=en&authuser=0″ target=”blank” background=”#0edf28″ size=”4″ icon=”icon: heart”]Download Walkway[/su_button]

Closing Thoughts

Those are my favorite Google Chrome extensions. What do you think about them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

I hope that you’re all doing well and being safe. Spend time with your loved ones and be thankful for all that you have. I know we’re living in trying times right now because of the Coronavirus, but we’ll get through this together. Remember to stay inside and wash your hands! 🧼💕