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  • Title: Life’s Hectic
  • Genre: RPG Dating Sim
  • Version: V1.0.3
  • Game director: Edward Ota
  • Story written: Edward Ota
  • Platform: PC
  • Audience: Adults +18

Life’s Hectic is a video game classified under the category of neoromance where the objective revolves around the player developing relationships between several characters with a focus on a “choose your own adventure" as a visual novel. The interactions with complex characters and the branching of dialogue trees present the possible responses that the player can choose, which in turn influences during later conversations. During the game, the player will have to manage several technical elements, such as a time, day-night cycle, mental health; various statistics such as appearance and charm that can be promoted through exercise or being a responsible student. A passion meter increases and decreases constantly depending on the decisions of the player, which always invokes positive or negative consequences. The project was developed as a web application to be accessible through any electronic device. The main focus was to educate young adults about the consequences of making good or bad decisions.

Life's Hectic Pre-Alpha Prototype

Initially, the whole idea was to create a simple text based game where the player decides what to do next. After having discussed what path the game should take it was decided to amplify the experience as much as possible by trying to represent how life and all the aspects that revolve around it functions. As the development began, the user interface changed before reaching a closer approximation to the desired version. Below are three images the changes during development to increase replay-ability, legibility, and user experience while still trying to maintain the text based decision taking gameplay.

Life's Hectic Alpha Prototype


You play as a pure soul sent from Heaven down towards Earth with your only purpose to help other human beings, save your family and leave the world a better place before hopefully returning back to God. Luckily, you have your conscience of light and dark energy to help guide you but unfortunately life’s hectic so it looks like you’re going to have to help guide this human back to Paradise while avoiding Lucifer and his games of temptation, violence, corruption, betrayal, death, and disease. Hey but relax! Don’t just think that’s only what life’s about! Life’s a beautiful miracle: it’s a gift! Stop by and smell the flowers every once in a while!

Oh, hey but just remember, you ARE the star of this show. Alive or deceased, everyone’s watching what you decide to do with your life! Don’t disappoint us!

Meet a cast of colorful characters and hang out in a variety of exotic locals.


The artwork is illustrated or painted by hand from talented artists in the field that contribute to the creation of the game. Afterwards, the drawings are transferred to a computer for further refinement.