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  • Client: Tacoctel
  • Specialty: Mexican Seafood
  • Location: Plaza Mundo, Soyapango, El Salvador
  • Price: $$
  • Social Networks: Facebook

Tacóctel Mexican Seafood Restaurant. Mexican food with a "touch" of the sea. Tacóctel provides excellent food at an affordable price located in Plaza Mundo, the biggest mall in El Salvador. Walk Entertainment was offered the opportunity to help design their menu and provide images to be used for publicity.


The menu was designed to be very minimal and use a lot of white to create space which will allow the user to visually breath while reading the text in between each page. The cover of the menu shows the logo and a slogan of the brand Tacóctel. After the cover is a welcome message with the contact information of Tacóctel written below. Each of the following pages divided the products into sections, shows the title of the plate, their description and ingredients, their corresponding price and an image of the dish is provided to further help the client visualize what they will be ordering.