Edward Francis Ota Lahud

Raised in Japan, United States and El Salvador. A strategic, driven, loyal, tenacious and resilient multicultural professional determined to passionately develop and implement designs that improve quality of life, which include strategic design, video game creation and visual arts.

Strategic Designer

Strategic Design is based on developing future oriented methodologies to ensure innovative and competitive solutions.

Video Game Creator

Exposed to video games from an early age when he lived in Japan, Edward developed a strong emotional connection to them. Since he was 4 years old, all he always wanted to do is dedicate his life to the study and creation of video games. At the age of 23, Edward created a life simulator, or role-playing relationship game (RS-RPG) called Life's Hectic, registered in El Salvador.

Visual Artist

Having acquired an immense infatuation for the arts and participating in contests, Edward spends his leisure creating entertainment that range from writing literature, illustration, and cinematography.

Program Abilities


Final Cut




After Effects



Problem Solver

Multicultural & Bilingual

Positive "Can Do" Attitude

Easily Adaptable

Fast Learner

Emotionally Intelligent

Design Process 1

Human Centered Design (HCD)

An iterative process which allows it to be flexibility modified during any stage of development. There's a strong emphasis on producing prototypes, tangible or intangible, which can be implemented in any environment to fulfill the potential users necessity.


The initial stage revolves around investigation by observing and conducting field work to gather information while documenting every specific action employed during this phase.


Afterwards, prototyping is continued while receiving feedback from experts related to the industry and other potential users. After a continuous process of validating, the prototype (whether a tangible or intangible experience) is constructed.


To finalize the results of the project, a documentation of the process with the different stages employed to realize the prototype is presented with the working prototype to be implemented by the client.

Design Process 2

Mechanics Dynamics Aesthetics (MDA)

This is the study of a systemic structure of actions that allows analysis of implementing design elements and how the mechanics can be used to create specific emotional experiences within the users. The users perspective they first understand the rules, then they interact with the system and begin to having fun. From the designer's perspective, this leads to three counterparts. The designer builds the mechanics that create dynamics and then makes it emotionally attractive.


The mechanics describes the "hidden" part of the game. The mechanics are the rules and the interactions described with algorithms and data structures written as verbs. They also raise the question of what actions can the user perform and how do they affect the state of the game or "When does the game end and how is the resolution of the game defined?"


The dynamic describes the "play" of the game when the rules are launched. What strategy emerges from the rules and how do the users interact with one another?


Aesthetics describe the desirable emotional responses evoked in the user when interacting with the system. This bidirectional communication allows to further develop sentimental value and receive feedback.

Personal Projects

Walk Entertainment

2013 - present

This is the entrepreneurship of Edward Ota, a Salvadoran company focused on generating knowledge through services that update and improve the traditional methods used in academic teaching, specifically in learning through video games.

Life's Hectic

2014 - 2018

Edward’s first video game classified under the category of neoromance where the objective revolves around the player developing relationships between several characters with a focus on a “choose your own adventure" as a visual novel. The interactions with complex characters and the branching of dialogue trees present the possible responses that the player can choose, which in turn influences during later conversations. During the game, the player will have to manage several technical elements, such as a time, day-night cycle, mental health; various statistics such as appearance and charm that can be promoted through exercise or being a responsible student. A passion meter increases and decreases constantly depending on the decisions of the player, which always invokes positive or negative consequences. The project was developed as a web application to be accessible through any electronic device. The main focus was to educate young adults about the consequences of making good or bad decisions.

Professional Experience


2010 - present

For many years he’s been expanding his knowledge in different areas of design including business development, creating manuals of corporate imager, planning process for communication in social networks, marketing and publicity campaigns as well as designing web applications and video games.


2014 - present

His experience with 1-Source Electronic Components gave him the opportunity to lead the area of design and began by managing social network communications, interactive newsletters, developing web and mobile designs and creating a manual of corporate image. 1-Source provides electronic components and specializes in LED lighting, raw materials, chemicals and much more in the electronics field. 1-Source works alongside international brands such as Sony, NASA, the USA Military, Panasonic, Duracell, and Toshiba.

Experience with Facebook Ads & Google Analytics

2014 - present

During the last couple of years working with 1-Source Electronic Components, Edward has gradually developed an deeper understanding of the mechanics behind using the internet and social media to further promote advertisement or sell products through the 1-Source web store. These tools are utilized to analyze the companies site performance and traffic.



This was an opportunity to design a menu and publicity for a Mexican seafood restaurant called Tacóctel, in the metropolitan area of San Salvador, El Salvador. This effort resulted in an improved image that attracted more clients to the restaurant.

TBWA / La Clínica


Internship in the creative department of a publicity agency to participate in the developing of marketing campaigns for well known brands such like Maruchan, Toyota, Mr. Donut, and Decameron Resorts.

Riff Dog

2012 - present

Riff Dog is the restaurant of an entrepreneur and close friend, Anthony Argueta. Edward created the corporate image including the logo, mascot, menu, stamps, business cards and helped position the brand on social networks. Riff Dog offers an experience to enjoy gourmet hot dogs made with love in a family friendly environment. The mascot, Wolfie, is a white Maltese who wears a black leather jacket, listens to music, plays video games and enjoys drinking beer.


Degree in Strategic Design from Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera, Santa Tecla, El Salvador


Specialized in developing future oriented methodologies to ensure innovative and competitive solutions.

Thesis for Graduation


CODEX, Video Game Design Tool: Orientation to the Potential Designer and Positioning of Walk Entertainment

The beginning of the project was focused on the potential of video games to develop skills in users to transfer the information learned to the real world and be used in their daily lives. During the research phase, the findings indicated that the opportunity for innovation is to influence the Salvadoran electronic entertainment industry by providing knowledge of basic video game design to stakeholders to position Walk Entertainment as a benchmark in El Salvador and the region. To respond to the findings gathered, Edward decided to develop the CODEX, an educational application that provides basic information on the design of video games in mobile format. The design process involves the strategic implementation that allows Walk Entertainment to improve the planning of calculated risks. After validating the project, the result ended up being a prototype divided between an educational curriculum, a flow chart and the visualization of CODEX.

Art Diploma


Diploma in Art Therapy Approaches for Resilience and Stress Reduction from Universidad de Dr. José Matías Delgado, San Salvador, El Salvador

The purpose of this experience was to incorporate his admiration for psychology and appreciation for the arts to improve his comprehension on the therapeutic exercises of expressing emotion through video game design.

High school Diploma, Colegio Los Robles, Santa Tecla, El Salvador


Graduated high school.

Thesis for Graduation


The Attention Deficit: A Disorder or a Gift? The acceptance and understanding of ADHD as a Gift and not as a Disorder. A study carried out to Teenagers from 13 - 18 years old in the Municipality of San Salvador.

Since the early beginnings of his childhood, Edward has been fascinated by the complexities of the human mind and our psychological. He decided to investigate and prove that being diagnosed with a disorder is not a problem and it is in fact a blessing and an opportunity to further develop given to unique individuals, that with proper guidance and determination, can accomplish anything by turning their disabilities into strengths.

Awards & Recognitions

Literature Publication


Published in the International Library of Poetry in ‘The Best Poems & Poets of 2005’

Having a fascination with literature and his desire to communicate through different mediums lead him to participating in an international contest which published one of his poems on the first page of the book.